You’ve been working non-stop all day researching and writing – FINALLY your amazing blog post is finished.

Excited, you make one last check over the content and hit “publish”.

…an hour passes and no one has visited your page.

…a day, a week and nothing.

You’re convinced that your post was brilliant, so why aren’t people reading it?


In this blog post I want to show you what i consider to be the top 5 hacks to avoid this situation and start getting lots of traffic to your blog.







1. Facebook Ads
Yes this will cost money but look at it as an investment

2. Pinterest
This is my favourite place for traffic. Create Images that grab readers attention and they will click on your links

3. Instagram Posts
Eye Catching images using Canva will get people curious about your website

4. Reddit Posts
/r/InternetMarketing /r/SideHustles are great places to add some tips and direct views to your blog

5. Forum Posts
WarriorForum and other Internet Marketing Forums are a brilliant way to advertise your website

If you’re interested in coaching, why not follow the exact person that helped me start my Internet Marketing Journey:

John Thornhill’s 30 Minute Success¬†



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